What size XL suitcase for 30 kg?


If you're planning a trip and need to buy a suitcase, one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is "What size suitcase should I choose?". Here's a blog post that will give you all the key information on suitcases for 30 kg.

XL suitcase for 30 kg: why this weight?

It's very important to have a precise idea of the maximum weight our suitcase can bear. Luggage is subject to regulations and limits not only in terms of dimensions but also in terms of weight, set by airlines and railways.

The authorized weight is the maximum weight your suitcase can hold while respecting airline regulations.

Which airlines set weight limits of 30 kg?

Many airlines and rail companies impose weight limits of 30 kg per suitcase, such as Vueling, Ouigo and Regiojet. After that, there are also many 32 kg limits, so it's a good idea to set yourself a 30 kg target to make sure you don't exceed the restrictions on the big day, otherwise you could be penalized.

If you'd like to leave a little room in your suitcase to bring back some vacation souvenirs, this technique may also be a good idea!

What size suitcase for 30 kg?

Suitcase dimensions

The first thing to consider when choosing a suitcase for 30 Kg is its dimensions. Suitcase dimensions are important because they determine the amount of space available to easily store your belongings.

Dimensions vary from airline to airline, and it's essential to check your airline's requirements before you leave to avoid the problem of being overweight. You can usually find dimensional specifications on the airline's website.

Durable material

When buying a suitcase to carry 30 Kg of luggage, you need to make sure it's made from durable material.

Good-quality materials are resistant to scratches, tears and water, ensuring the safety of your items. The most commonly used materials are polycarbonate, ABS and ballistic nylon.

Suitcase types

There are different types of suitcases for different journeys. Hard-shell cases are more durable and shock-resistant.

Soft-shell suitcases are lighter and have a little more space to store more belongings. Sports bags are also very practical, as they often have several compartments to easily organize your luggage.

Handling options

This can be an important criterion if you're traveling with children or have difficulty lifting heavy weights.

Four-wheeled suitcases are easier to maneuver, as they can rotate 360 degrees. Two-wheeled suitcases are more stable on uneven ground, but you have to drag them behind you.

Check suitcase weight

Before you leave, it's important to check the weight of your suitcase to make sure you don't exceed the weight limits. You can use a travel scale to easily check the weight of your suitcase.

Lighter suitcases, such as those made of polycarbonate and ABS, allow you to carry more items without exceeding your weight allowance.

30 kg suitcase, how many liters?

First of all, it's important to note that a suitcase's capacity in liters depends on the type of suitcase you have. Rigid cases generally have a smaller capacity than soft cases. Rigid suitcases are sturdier and have thicker shells, which reduces interior capacity.

On average, a 30 kg suitcase can hold between 80 and 100 liters. However, this will depend on many factors, such as the size, shape and brand of the suitcase. For example, an 80-liter suitcase will be larger than a 70-liter suitcase but will be able to accommodate more items.

The weight and size of the items you pack can also affect the suitcase's capacity in liters. If you stack a lot of heavy items in the suitcase, this will limit the amount of usable space. On the contrary, if you pack a lot of lighter items, you can maximize the suitcase's capacity.

Finally, if you're looking to buy a new suitcase for your next trip, it's always advisable to check the capacity of liters before you buy. Different suitcase brands have different liter capacities, depending on their quality and design.

What kind of items should I pack for a 30 kg suitcase?

The advantage of a large 30kg suitcase is that you can plan to bring bulky items such as coats and pairs of shoes, as well as all the essentials you need for a double trip, such as t-shirts, pants and underwear. Suitcases for 30 kg are suitable for all travel situations, making them an excellent choice.

Our 30 kg suitcases and XL suitcases models

Large Suitcase Extensible Neo Sunset Cruise 78CM

This large XL rigid expandable suitcase from American Tourister is perfectly suited to a total weight of 30 kg to comply with your airline's restrictions.

With dimensions of 78 x 49 x 31 cm (H x W x D) and a capacity of 101 liters, this suitcase offers you the best space for your clothes, shoes or any other items you need to take with you on vacation within the 30 kg limit.

Equipped with 4 double wheels, this large XL suitcase is easy to move and maneuver. With its modern design and trendy colors, the Neo Sunset Cruise 78 cm expandable hard case is also very attractive. 

Large Suitcase Extensible Neo Sunset Cruise 78CM


Soft Large Suitcase Extensible Uppsala 78cm

If you're looking for a suitcase that can hold up to 30 kg, the Uppsaler 78 cm expandable soft suitcase is an excellent option, thanks to its dimensions of 78 x 48 x 30 cm (H x W x D) and its capacity of 95/107 liters. Equipped with an expandable function, you can easily adapt your suitcase to suit your needs.

Soft Large Suitcase Extensible Uppsala 78cm


Polyester soft cases have the advantage of being flexible, easy to maintain and store. It's also very light for a suitcase of this size (4.4kg), so you can transport it easily.

Large Suitcase MONCEY 82 cm

If you're planning a long trip and need a suitcase that'll hold up, Delsey's Moncey 82 cm large-format rigid suitcase is the answer. With its XXL dimensions: 82 x 53 x 33 cm, this large-format suitcase is ideal for a weight of 30 kg.

Large Suitcase MONCEY 82 cm