Polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcase: our advice in 2022


The material of the suitcase is a determining factor in the purchase decision. Soft, hard, ABS, polyester, curv...the choice is immense. It is therefore important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Here is a comparison between polycarbonate and polypropylene to help you make your choice, as well as our Baage recommendations.

Polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcase: 2 rigid materials

First of all, let's remember that polycarbonate and polypropylene suitcases share a common essence: they are rigid materials. They are two types of plastics that have a wide range of uses. 

The advantages of rigid cases

with a polypropylene or polycarbonate suitcase, you will be guaranteed a solid suitcase, much more resistant to shocks than a soft suitcase

these materials will also limit the risk of deformation of your belongings during transport

more security on polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcases thanks to their resistance, as well as the presence of an integrated code lock on most models

The disadvantages of hard-sided luggage

The main disadvantage of owning a polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcase is that they are less easy to store than their soft-sided counterparts. These cases often require more space, which can be problematic if you don't have much storage space at home

soft cases are generally easier to clean

Polypropylene or polycarbonate hard cases are often slightly heavier than soft cases, however, these 2 rigid materials are among the lightest on the market

Polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcase ? the advantages of each material

Advantages of polycarbonate

  • Polycarbonate suitcases are on par with polypropylene suitcases in terms of lightness, with both options weighing less than 2.3kg
  • Polycarbonate cases are easier to care for than polypropylene cases
  • Flexibility: polypropylene cases are more resistant to deformation
  • Design: Due to its flexibility, polycarbonate cases can be purchased in a wide range of shapes and styles
  • Aesthetics: the aesthetic appeal of polycarbonate cases is a result of their design
  • Ultraviolet resistance

Advantages of polypropylene

Slightly less expensive: you can generally find polypropylene cases at more affordable prices than polycarbonate cases, however, both options will be more expensive than an ABS case for example

Resistant to chemicals and stains

Durable and unbreakable

Easily recycled and therefore more environmentally friendly

An innovative material used by the biggest brands such as Samsonite, which offers suitcases made of Curv, a superposition of polypropylene fibers

Polycarbonate or polypropylene suitcase: which one to choose?

In conclusion, polycarbonate and polypropylene have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which type of suitcase is best for you really depends on your personal needs or tastes, as both options are quality materials.

The top 3 polycarbonate cases at Baage

Baage offers you a selection of 100% polycarbonate or PC/ABS suitcases that combine the properties of polycarbonate suitcases with ABS, a material well known for its shock resistance.

The MOOREA - Jump large rigid case

  • 100% polycarbonate design
  • 75x50x30 cm for 90L and only 3,6kg
  • 4 double wheels
  • 2 carrying handles
  • a simple but neat aesthetic with beautiful finishes for a unique suitcase
  • 2 large storage spaces with 2 pairs of straps

Large Suitcase Moorea 75cm

The rigid weekend case BLEECKER - Jump

  • 69x47x29 cm for a total capacity of 80L, which is quite rare for a medium size suitcase
  • handle fastening system: cases without zippers have some advantages like easy access and enhanced durability of your case
  • 4 dual wheels
  • 2 large interior storage spaces including a large zippered pocket and a small zippered pocket
  • simple but original design with bold shapes

Medium Suitcase Bleecker 69cm

The STUART - Gentleman Farmer cabin suitcase

  • 55x35x21 cm for 37L and only 2,8kg
  • a classy and pure design
  • 4 double wheels
  • small protection pins
  • two carrying handles
  • 2 lateral protection reinforcements
  • a code lock
  • ABS/PC design

Cabin Luggage 55cm STUART

Top 3 polypropylene suitcases at Baage

You will have the choice between many famous brands such as Delsey, Samsonite or Jump for your polypropylene suitcases at Baage.

The BELMON rigid cabin suitcase - Delsey

  • a timeless Delsey
  • 55x40x20cm for 33L and 2,7kg
  • 4 double wheels
  • a TSA padlock, ideal for trips abroad
  • a side carrying handle
  • a modern design with original curves and a large choice of colors
  • 2 pairs of straps, ideal for keeping things in the suitcase
  • 100% polypropylene composition