Sinequanone suitcase review: here are 6 points to remember


If you're looking for in-depth Sinequanone suitcase reviews, this guide is here to shed light on your search. We've gathered all the information you need - from sizes and quality to customer profiles and reviews - so you can make the most informed buying decision possible.

1) Sinequanone suitcase: for which profile?

Sinequanone is a brand adapted to a female target looking for quality, elegant luggage, while remaining accessible to as many people as possible. Their gorgeous range of luggage features exceptional ABS finishes for a complete chic look - perfect for short trips or long vacations!

2) Sinequanone suitcase review: Colors and design

The Sinequanone luggage collection is designed with an ultra feminine look and comes in several colors to suit everyone's tastes: black, grey, pink, navy or beige. Whether you prefer the classic neutral shell model or the one adorned with the brand's logo, traveling has never been so chic and elegant!

3) The quality of Sinequanone suitcases

The materials

All Sinequanone suitcases are made from ABS. It is a hard, lightweight and durable type of plastic commonly used in luggage.

It's quite a durable material which makes them perfect to take with you wherever you go! In addition, the quality of their finishes gives them a touch of refinement and sophistication.

The disadvantages of an ABS suitcase

Although the advantages of an ABS suitcase are quite significant, there are a few disadvantages to consider.

The material is less resistant to scratches or cracks than polycarbonate, and its surface can be easily damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures.

Technical characteristics

Sinequanone suitcases have good technical characteristics, so you get a suitcase that is both aesthetic, but also practical and durable that will follow you in all your adventures:

  • reinforced upper corners: some models are equipped with small metal reinforcements in the corners of the case. This allows the suitcase to be much less sensitive to shocks, and therefore more durable
  • security: all baggage in the hold is equipped with padlocks, which guarantees the security of your personal belongings in the hold
  • Weight: Sinequanone suitcases are light thanks to their rigid ABS design
  • Featuring a polyester interior lining, these suitcases keep your space clean and easily washable in case of dirt or stains.
  • all suitcases, including cabins, are equipped with 2 carrying handles which allow the suitcase to be lifted effortlessly

4) Sinequanone suitcases review: suitcase sizes

With different formats for all travel lengths, you are bound to find the Sinequanone suitcase that meets your needs.

  • Rigid S suitcase: 55x35x21cm - 2.8kg - 37 liters
  • Rigid M suitcase: 65x41x26 cm - 3.5 kg - 64 liters
  • Suitcase L rigid: 70x44x29 cm - 4.0 kg - 83 liters

For extended trips, you can opt for sets of suitcases (a cabin suitcase, medium size and a large format), or in sets of 2 (a cabin suitcase and a medium size).

5) What budget for Sinequanone suitcases

Sinequanone offers suitcases at attractive prices, for uncompromising quality. To take advantage of the best prices and promotions all year round, visit our Sinequanone collection to find your future suitcase at a very low price!

Here is a summary of the prices charged for the Sinequanone brand:

  • Sinequanone cabin suitcase

The price range varies between 69 € and 159 €

  • Sinequanone Medium Suitcase

The price range varies between 89 and 199 €

  • Large Sinequanone Suitcase

The average price is 249 €

  • Sinequanone suitcase set

The price range varies between 209 and 559 €

6) The flagship Sinequanone models

The RHEA rigid cabin suitcase

The RHEA rigid cabin suitcase perfectly combines comfort, design and quality. It is distinguished by the following aspects:

  • a modern and timeless style that never goes out of style
  • this part is very resistant, with an ultra robust hard shell made of ABS material
  • reinforced top corners for superior strength
  • It also resists bumps and scratches with ease.

Customer reviews on the RHEA rigid cabin suitcase

  • "beautiful suitcase, good quality" Laurence S.
  • "Excellent" Sylvie B.
  • "Very nice product, solid and aesthetic" Yves P.

Cabin Luggage 55cm RHEA


The CERES rigid weekend suitcase

The medium hard case from CERES is the ideal choice for those looking for durability and protection. Its sturdy ABS construction provides superior impact resistance, while its protective reinforcements around the wheels ensure that your fragile belongings will remain safe from breakage during transport.

If you are looking for a reliable and solid option, CERES meets all your needs!

Customer reviews on the CERES weekend case

  • "Very nice suitcase with interior storage." Bridget B.
  • "Extra! Superb suitcase! It remains to check the solidity 😉" Didier P.
  • "Excellent product" Robert C.

Medium Luggage CERES


The EOS-A large rigid suitcase

This large suitcase has all the features a traveler needs for a pleasant trip, such as sturdy spinner wheels and an adjustable trolley for added convenience.

With a voluminous capacity of 83 litres, this bag is the essential companion for your holidays. It's roomy enough to hold everything you need, from beach towels and clothes to sandals and toiletries.

Large Suitcase 75cm EOS-A