LPB suitcase review: the guide to find your way around


"lpb suitcase" "lpb suitcase" "lpb suitcases opinion" "lpb cabin suitcases" are all subjects on which you want to find out before buying your Les Petites Bombes suitcase. And for good reason, this resolutely chic and distinguished brand of suitcases brings many advantages to its users, and many models are available. Here is a guide to LPB suitcase reviews.

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Les Petites Bombes: the leader in women's fashion

What is the origin of the brand?

Les Petites Bombes is a French brand of women's ready-to-wear and luggage created in 1999 by David Revah. If the brand is a hit, it is because it offers a range of products that meets consumer expectations: trendy, elegant with a touch of fantasy and originality as well as many colors and styles for all profiles.

A wide range of women's luggage

You will find everything you need for your trips, whether short or long, including:

  • Cabin suitcases
  • Medium sized suitcases
  • Large format suitcases
  • The sets: 2 (cabin + vanity), 3 (cabin case, medium, large format) or 4 (3 suitcases + a vanity)
  • Vanity cases
  • Travel Trolley Bags
  • Sports bags

Cabin Luggage 55cm CLARA


Our opinion on Les Petites Bombes suitcases

You can choose from a range of quality soft or rigid suitcases

Here is the eternal question that everyone asks when choosing their suitcase: flexible or rigid format?

First of all, you should know that if your choice is soft suitcases, you will have a choice at LPB: cabin suitcases, medium size, large format and even wheeled bags, you will necessarily find the soft luggage that suits you.

If soft suitcases have many advantages: lighter, easier to store, more optimized, rigid suitcases are far from being outdone. They are generally more manageable and more durable.

Nevertheless, at LPB, the rigid suitcases are also very light thanks to the materials used, and it is good to know that many models of soft suitcases are equipped with 4 double wheels to promote their maneuverability.

So, it's up to you to see what best suits your needs based on the characteristics of the two formats to make your choice.

Quality materials: ABS and polyester

At LPB luggages, the hard-shell suitcases are made of ABS material: it is a rigid plastic that is very resistant to shocks and humidity, but also very light.

Soft suitcases (but also travel bags) are made of polyester, a light, durable and easy-to-clean material.

If both options are good choices, keep in mind that ABS is synonymous with rigid suitcases and polyester with soft suitcases. In addition, ABS suitcases are more resistant and allow you to transport more fragile things (rigid format, retaining straps), however, soft suitcases are more practical and save space. 

The 4 double wheels: for a suitcase that follows your slightest movement

While some soft models have 4 double wheels to improve ease of use, you can also find rigid suitcase models with 4 double wheels at LPB.

This is a real advantage for travelers looking for the most practical luggage possible to circulate in crowded airports and to move their suitcases effortlessly. Whether you are looking for a cabin, medium or large size suitcase, you will inevitably find the model of 4 double wheel suitcase that suits you.

Suitcases with a trendy look to stand out

LPB suitcases have something to seduce many women with their refined, elegant style without being redundant and too classic. The brand offers many options of styles, inspirations, and shapes to seduce all customers and make their suitcase a real fashion accessory, and their trip, an unforgettable moment.

If the butterfly is a flagship symbol of the brand and can be seen appearing on many models and in different styles, many models may suit you if you are looking for refined luggage.

Cabin Luggage 55cm ALISON

The rigid cabin ALISON. If the exterior has very beautiful finishes in the shape of waves, wait until you discover the lining of the interior of the suitcase. This very original pattern brings a lot of cachet and style to the suitcase. It goes very well with the black color of the crossed straps as well as the 4 colors available which sublimate the suitcase: black, fuchsia, apple green, and rose gold.

To avoid spoiling anything, the suitcase has great technical characteristics such as the straps of course, but also the 2 carrying handles, or even its separator tray.

Moreover, if you fell for this model but are looking for more space, know that it is also available in medium size, large format and in sets of 3.

A good selection of airline-friendly sizes

Indeed, there are two sizes of cabin suitcases, depending on your needs. It is essential to carefully study the dimensions of your cabin suitcase to meet the requirements of airlines.

  • cabin suitcase XS: 50x33x21 cm (H x W x D) Capacity: 31 L
  • cabin suitcase S: 55x35x21 cm (H x W x D) Capacity: 37 L

LPB brand cabin suitcases are compatible with several popular airlines such as Air Canada, Air Caraïbes, Air France or Iberia.

It is a real asset for all people who travel a lot and who want luggage that they can carry to all their destinations.

Here's a complete LPB size guide to help you find your way around.

Size Height Width Depth Volume Travel time
Cabin suitcase XS 50 cm 33 cm 21 cm 31 L 1 to 2 days
Cabin suitcase 55 cm 35 cm 21 cm 37 L 2 to 3 days
Medium size suitcase 1 60 cm 36 cm 26 cm 51 L 4 to 5 days
Medium size suitcase 2 65 cm 41 cm 26 cm 64 L 1 week
Large format suitcase 75 cm 47 cm 29 cm 95 L 10 days to 2 weeks
Suitcase set 75 cm 47 cm 29 cm up to 207 L 2 weeks and more


Good technical characteristics

  • the reinforced corners on some models increase the resistance of your suitcase. Indeed, the side areas are the most sensitive parts of your suitcase. LPB, therefore, offers very solid and durable models that meet this need.
  • The double pair of straps present on all the rigid models stabilizes your belongings and thus prevents them from crumpling during transport. If these straps are present on the models of many brands, the straps of the LPB suitcases are positioned at the end. storage space, which is much more practical than the pairs of straps that are positioned at the bottom of the storage space.
  • The two carrying handles (some models of cabin suitcases only have one) as well as the retractable trolley give you very good maneuverability for your suitcase.

Why turn to LPB suitcases? For which profile?

As previously mentioned, LPB suitcases have many advantages. They are suitable for all women looking for luggage with a fresh and chic look with inspirations that denote traditional suitcases. Each model has its own identity.

Then, these suitcases have very good technical characteristics, both exterior and interior. And the location of the pair of crossed straps is a real plus for all those who have a lot of things to store...and keep folded.

Finally, it is the large choice offered by the LPB suitcases which is a real decisive element: there are soft or rigid suitcases, 4 single or double wheels, and one or two carrying handles.

LPB offers you choice, quality...and looks!

Where to buy your LPB suitcase at the best price?

The best deals and promotions for cheap LPB suitcases are on Baage. We also have the best selection of cabin suitcases, medium size, large format, sets but also luggage bags from the LPB brand to match all your travel desires.

Here is a summary of the prices available on Baage for the LPB brand:

  • Cabin suitcase (XS) LPB

The price range varies between 75 € and 169 €

  • Cabin suitcase (S) LPB

The price range varies between 75 € and 169 €

  • LPB Medium Suitcase

The price range varies between 85 and 209 €

  • LPB Large Size Suitcase

The price range varies between 105 € and 259 €

  • LPB suitcase sets

The price range varies between €109 and €599

LPB suitcase reviews: our customers' favorite

The AELYS rigid large-format suitcase receives a 5-star rating from our customers.

Large Suitcase 75cm AELYS

  • "Very nice suitcase. Conform to the photo" Melodie S.
  • "Good quality 👍" Jan V.

First of all, it has a very good storage capacity thanks to its total volume of 95 liters. Its two colors, burgundy and coral, are elegant and add a touch of liveliness to the suitcase. In addition, the molded butterflies in the hull, a symbol of the brand, recall the identity of the brand.

It can be transported with great ease thanks to its 4 multidirectional wheels as well as its two carrying handles.

In terms of interior equipment, we find a pair of crossed straps at the ends of the storage space, as well as a separator tray.

The best value for money cabin suitcase LPB

The ROMANE rigid cabin suitcase is the best investment for a good quality-price ratio at LPB for several reasons.

  • It has 4 double wheels, which guarantees very good maneuverability.
  • It has 2 carrying handles
  • A 3-digit security lock
  • A sleek exterior design with a large butterfly embedded in a semi-circle that recalls the brand's DNA
  • Good interior equipment as well as a capacity of 37 liters