Opinions on the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase: Durability and respect for the environment


Made in Europe from recycled materials and with a sophisticated design? Here is our Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase review so that you have all the information you need to decide whether this is the perfect piece of luggage for your next trip!

Presentation of the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase

Dimensions and weight of the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase

The Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs:

  • size S: 55 x 40 x 20 cm / 2.6 kg / 38 L
  • size M: 69 x 48 x 30 cm / 3.8 kg / 82 L
  • size L : 75 x 51 x 32 cm / 4.2kg / 104 L
  • size XL : 81 x 55 x 35 cm / 4.6 kg / 139 L

While the S suitcase is the perfect option for any cabin baggage, you should nevertheless check your airline's restrictions, as this size does not fit on all flights! In this case, you'll need to opt for a smaller XS piece of luggage.

The XL format offers you even more storage space than the classic L format, with up to 139 liters of internal capacity, which is ideal for very long journeys or family holidays. 

However, the main drawback is the weight: 4.6 kg. If you're looking for the best compromise between space and maneuverability, then you're better off with an L or M format.

A sober but effective design

The Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase has a minimalist but effective design that offers an elegant and practical look for all your travels. The different colors are understated, giving it a professional and discreet look. The very simple design of this suitcase is designed to appeal to all tastes. 

The brand's DNA is to offer exceptional quality and durability to its consumers while providing elegantly styled luggage, and this case is no exception.

Handles with fasteners: a hit or a miss?

The suitcase handles are ingeniously designed to be integrated into the body of the case using a fastening system. This gives your suitcase a modern, aesthetic look, as well as being more practical than a traditional zip, and more resistant to wear and tear. We recommend it!

Effortless travel

The 4 double wheels on all models mean you can navigate effortlessly through the airport and across town. The 360° rotation ensures optimum maneuverability, so you can move even the bulkiest models effortlessly.

Optimized internal compartments

The Samsonite Magnum Eco has no interior lining thanks to its smooth texture, making it much easier to clean. It has two large separate compartments with optimized volume thanks to the absence of a lining, as well as a large additional pocket. Simple and effective.

Enhanced safety

Security is a constant concern for all travelers, and the Samsonite Magnum Eco is no exception. It's equipped with an integrated TSA lock that offers an extra level of security for your belongings. 

Opinions on the Samsonite Magnum Eco: no carry handles

Carry handles provide an additional option to the trolley for lifting and carrying your suitcase. The Samsonite Magnum Eco range does not offer this option on these models.

This would have been particularly useful on the large models, which weigh 4.2 and 4.6 kg respectively when empty.

Durability and strength

The Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase is made from 100% recycled polypropylene, making it extremely robust and durable. The interior lining is made from hard-wearing fabric to ensure long-lasting use.

What's more, the Samsonite Magnum Eco is covered by a 5-year worldwide warranty, to ensure that your suitcase will be in your service for a long time to come.

Environmentally friendly design

The Samsonite Magnum Eco has been designed to be more environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled polyester lining and recycled plastic waste (PET) through their Recyclex Material Technology initiative, which helps to reduce the amount of non-recycled materials used in production.

The detailed recycled (PET) composition of the Samsonite Magnum Eco range:

  • S: 200 yoghurt pots / 7 plastic bottles
  • M: 371 yoghurt pots / 10 plastic bottles
  • L : 434 yoghurt pots / 12 plastic bottles
  • XL: 484 yoghurt pots / 14 plastic bottles

The yogurt pots are used to make the shell (mixed with recycled polypropylene) and the plastic bottles to make the inner lining.

For every Magnum Eco purchased, a tree is planted

Thanks to Samsonite's unwavering commitment, for every Magnum Eco suitcase purchased by a customer, a tree is planted in a tropical forest. This contributes to global reforestation and to mitigating the negative consequences of global warming.

While many brands claim to be committed to combating global warming, few implement measures to promote eco-tourism!

Users' opinions

Customers give the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase an average score of 4.2/5. Here are the main positive aspects noted by users:

  • The quality of the material
  • lightness of the case
  • pleasant design
  • Good value for money
  • appreciated ecological effort
  • appreciated level of safety
  • Good storage capacity in L and XL sizes

On the negative side, scratches are one of the most frequently cited concerns, and other customers have mentioned problems with damaged shells, although these comments remain marginal.

Opinions on the Samsonite Magnum Eco

Overall, the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase is the perfect investment for any environmentally conscious traveler who wants a piece of luggage that is eco-responsible, sturdy, and good-looking.