What is a vanity case?


A vanity case is a bag or briefcase for storing and transporting your beauty accessories and other make-up products. In this article, we'll explain what it's for and how to choose the right vanity case. What's the difference between a woman's vanity case and a toiletry bag?

What is the purpose of a vanity case?

A vanity case is a small piece of luggage, usually rigid or semi-rigid. This luggage accessory is somewhere between a handbag and a suitcase.

It is often used to store beauty products (face cream, body cream, sun cream, etc.), cosmetics (shampoo, shower gel, etc.), medicines or make-up.

Cosmetics can be stored separately from clothes to prevent them from spilling on them, while still serving as a toiletry bag.

The vanity case can also be used to store other items such as jewelry, hairdressing accessories, or small items that need to be easily accessible.

It's also a more solid and waterproof luggage accessory: it secures your products to prevent them from breaking during transport. And because it's separate from your main luggage, all you have to do when you arrive at your destination is put it in the bathroom or on the dressing table and open it to use it.

In short, the vanity case is much more than a luggage accessory: it goes with you wherever you go (holidays, business trips, city trips...): It's a must-have travel accessory!

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The difference between a vanity case and a toiletry bag

The first difference is a big one! A toiletry bag is smaller than a vanity case.

What's more, there's also a difference in terms of practicality and sturdiness: the vanity case has more storage space and is rigid, whereas the toiletry bag has, as its name suggests, the shape of a bag and a less rigid material. 

Unlike a toiletry bag, a vanity case is shock-resistant. Finally, there's another criterion that separates them: water-resistance. Here again, the advantage is in favor of the vanity case.

How do you choose the right vanity case?

There are several factors to consider when choosing your vanity case. The first is its size. If you're planning to take it with you on a family holiday or a longer trip, it needs to be big enough to store your beauty products.

It's particularly annoying not to be able to take your favorite sun cream with you if it doesn't fit inside!

On the other hand, a vanity case designed to take you on weekends or business trips should be smaller. In this case, you might prefer a toiletry bag, as it has the advantage of being able to slip into your handbag or hand luggage.

Other small features should also catch your eye, such as a flap-mounted mirror and clever storage solutions: elasticated pockets, zipped pockets, elasticated loops (useful for storing cosmetics in tube format), fasteners, etc.

Thanks to the vanity case, you'll save space in your suitcase while storing all your essentials efficiently: you'll be able to find them more easily.

What are the latest trends? Discover the categories

The vanity case is timeless! It stands the test of time and fashion, reinventing itself. It adapts to trends and lifestyles. It has even become a real fashion accessory for women.

You can choose something sober (a plain color, usually dark), printed (original, feminine, graphic, or psychedelic patterns, for example), or flashier (fresh or bright colors, etc.). Ideally, of course, you should choose a model that matches your luggage for a unified look.

They also come in different finishes (hard, semi-hard or soft) and materials (polyester, plastic, leather, etc.).

Our staff are constantly on the lookout for the very best, to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. What's more, we offer fully coordinated collections: now you can match your vanity case to your suitcase!