Your Munich Vacation Guide: Sightseeing, Activities, and Must-See Hotels


Munich is a city that has something to offer everyone. Best known as the third largest city in Germany, it provides visitors must-see sights, activities and hotels to stay in. The German city of Munich was the site of the 1972 Summer Olympics, and with its many Olympic history sites, it's possible to see them on a guided tour or by using the map app on your phone.

Visiting Munich, a city with a wealth of culture and tourism, also has many other attractions such as the English Garden, the BMW Museum, etc... Want to know more about what not to miss in Munich and prepare your trip to this capital of Bavaria? Discover everything you need to know and see in Munich in this must-see vacation guide.

Must-do activities in Munich


The city of 25 districts is known for its annual Oktoberfest, the German beer festival. Nevertheless, it is also a city full of beautiful places, be it green spaces, German historical monuments or lively neighborhoods that are worth visiting during your stay in Munich.

Green Spaces

Traveling to Munich is also a way to relax, get some fresh air and above all, enjoy the scenery:

The Olympic Park of Munich

This Munich Olympic site, with its architecture inspired by the open-mindedness and intellectual freedom of the German people, is a museum and training center for athletes who participated in the Olympic Games.

The English Garden in Munich


This garden is one of the largest urban parks in the world. It is possible to rent a bike and enjoy the scenery while walking to the hotel Munich Hirschgarten. For a gourmet break, push the doors of Einstein, named "the best cafe in Munich" in 2017.

Munich's landmarks

Religious, historical, festive... The city of Munich is also this kind of monuments, places, to absolutely visit if your vacations have for destination this German city:


The name of this monument, which is the equivalent of "our-lady" in German, is a spectacular place not to be missed. Church dedicated to Mary, is known for its gothic architecture, notably its bulbous roofs.

The Marienplatz

Considered as one of the most beautiful places in Munich, the square that is Marienplatz has a superb cathedral and a covered market well known in Germany: the Viktualienmarkt. Whether it's fruit, vegetables or other products, this historic square is also a great place to shop.

The Königsplatz

Erected by the architect Von Klenz and known as one of the most prestigious architectural places in Munich, this square called the Königspltaz is a broad esplanade composed of 3 imposing buildings: two of them are museums that hold royal collections from antiquity.

The BMW museum


Impressive and not to be missed in Germany, the BMW museum is an activity worth a detour on your part during your vacation in Munich.

Car lovers or simply curious about this tourist place focused on the automobile, let yourself be carried away by this museum of the history of the BMW brand: an impressive building with futuristic architecture, it gathers the flagship models of the German brand, which have marked history. You will also find new models of cars and novelties.

Nymphenburg Castle

You can't go to Munich without passing by the famous Nymphenburg Castle, one of the most famous tourist attractions you must see! Once the residence of the Bavarian kings, this castle is one of the great royal palaces of Europe: you will find an impressive collection of porcelain, and the opportunity to see Munich from the garden.


To have Munich as a destination is also to visit the emblematic monument of this city, which is home to a very famous brewery, and its beers: the Hofbräuhaus. Although these bottles are easily found everywhere else, we advise you to drink them in this iconic place, with its lively atmosphere!

Nymphenburger Schlosspark

Singing, dancing and laughing... When it comes to partying, the people of Munich can't complain either! On Wednesday evenings, the Nymphenburg Schlosspark becomes an actual musical event not to be missed. The dance floor with a techno atmosphere, this place welcomes many international DJs who come to mix on modern, and current music.

A city that can also be discovered in the noise and rhythm of dancing steps, Munich is the destination for the curious who are eager for novelty and always ready to try the adventure!

Hotels in Munich


Going on vacation in Munich also means finding the best hotels in the city to have a good time with a light mind and safety. No matter what season you choose to spend a romantic weekend, a weekend with your girlfriends or your next family vacation in Munich, this city is an ideal destination at any time of the year. We have listed for you the best hotels in Munich:

  • Hotel Adina Munich
  • Hotel Marc Munich
  • Hotel München Palace
  • Hotel Charles
  • Hotel Louis
  • Hotel Admiral
  • Hotel Exquisit

These hotels offer modern, very comfortable rooms with free and unlimited Wi-Fi. The location of these hotels in the heart of Munich allows guests to quickly reach museums, theaters, bars, restaurants or the shopping district.

Munich's must-see districts


When you say tourist places to visit, you also say "must-see" districts. Rich in history, arts, nightlife and German culinary specialties, Munich's neighborhoods are all special and worth visiting: it's time to discover Munich's culture!

The Altstadt district

Known for its pedestrian streets, lined with large international brands as well as stores selling traditional Bavarian costumes, this district is rich in history and is very lively: it represents medieval Munich. It is well known for its neo-Gothic architecture and attracts thousands of tourists annually.

The Glockenbach district of Munich

This trendy, melting-pot district is home to many artists, students and other young professionals looking to enjoy Munich's nightlife.

Here, you have the opportunity to go out all night long, but above all, take advantage of the many unusual bars in Munich to party: it is undoubtedly the liveliest district in the city.

Odeonsplatz Munich

Beautiful square surrounded by majestic buildings with an elegant and refined structure, the Odeonsplatz is in fact a central point of Munich on which the Bavarian National Opera is located: every year, it hosts major international festivals such as Bayreuther Festspielnacht (Wagner festival).

The theater district of Munich

Ideal for art lovers, this district of Munich is the place to be. Here you will find significant opera houses such as the Staatstheater, the Residenz and the National Theater and several smaller opera houses such as the König Ludwigs Theater.

The Schwabing district

The Schwabing district is a vivacious area for Munich's residents to shop or enjoy a night out in Munich. The streetcar 19, which runs along Prinzregentenstraße, will take you directly to the district in no time.

Most of the cafes and restaurants are located on Barer Straße, but a few trendy stores in Munich near the Eisbach canal exist. The Englischer Garten is as much a part of the city as the castle.

The Maxvorstadt district

The famous Maxvorstadt district is also worth a visit. It is a must-see area for small galleries and significant cultural events. You will also find the three Art Pinakothek museums, where masterpieces from several centuries are exhibited. Located just behind the Hofgarten, it is a popular place for Munich's citizens to stroll around on weekends or during vacations.

The Lehel district

Lehel is a charming shopping district in Munich: this is where you can do your shopping. The choice is vast but varied because you can find all kinds of grocery stores and stores to find different local or international products.

As you can see, Munich is a vacation destination that you should not miss and do at least once in your life. This Bavarian city is rich in history, culture and cuisine. It is a beautiful place with a wide variety of activities that will allow you to record your best memories.

Whether it's the beer festival, the breathtaking scenery of the green areas or museums with treasures of German royalty, Munich is an ideal destination.

Fall, winter, spring or even summer, Munich's culture welcomes you to spend your vacation in Munich all year round. Ready to visit the capital of Bavaria?