Visit Madrid in 4 Days


Madrid: a cosmopolitan and lively city

Want to visit Madrid in a few days? Baage offers you practical advice and a complete itinerary to discover the must-see places in the Spanish capital. 


Madrid is a cosmopolitan and lively city, an ideal place to spend a few days of vacation and recharge your batteries. This capital has its own identity and offers a multitude of places to discover. A very friendly atmosphere, unique architecture, varied gastronomy, and a very rich historical heritage.


The best itinerary to visit Madrid in 4 days



First of all, we advise you to go to the Plaza Major located in the heart of Madrid, where you can enjoy your breakfast and many Spanish pastries. Entirely pedestrian, the Plaza Major is one of the largest squares in the city, located in the old town, not far from the Plaza de la Villa, and the Plaza de Oriente is known for its incredible architecture.


The unmissable San Miguel market


The San Miguel market is located in the heart of Madrid and is the temple of Spanish gastronomy. You will find Iberian ham, fresh seafood, Castilian cheeses, and high-quality wines. This market is above all a place to meet, share, and exchange, where life is good.


This historic market is very popular with tourists, some of the stalls are transformed into counters and you can enjoy delicious tapas. If you like to indulge yourself and taste quality products we highly recommend the San Miguel market. 


The Cathedral of the Alumdena is the newest cathedral of Madrid built in front of the Royal Palace during the 20th century. This cathedral houses the seat of the diocese, it is a true jewel of Spanish architecture since it mixes several architectural styles.


A museum retracing the history of the monument and more generally of the diocese is open to the public within the building. A historical itinerary that is worth the detour for lovers of architecture. The Royal Palace




The Royal Palace of Madrid is a historical place and a must-see during your next visit. It is a place where the history of the Spanish kings since Charles III is documented. You will be able to visit parts open to the public such as the great halls, the royal chapel, the guards' alley but also the royal armory, and the painting gallery. 


Flamenco shows are part of the cultural heritage of the city, they are festive representations of Andalusian and gypsy dance. During your visit to Madrid, you should not miss the opportunity to attend a flamenco show. You can find these performances in theaters or restaurants in the city. 


But beware, these shows are very popular and attract fans, we advise you to book your tickets in advance online or at the establishments.


Going out and getting away from it all in Madrid


Roof-tops and terraces are must-see places in Madrid to have a drink or enjoy some Tapas on the terrace with a great view of the capital's mythical places.


Our selection of the best rooftops to discover is The 360° Rooftop Bar: an emblematic place in the Plaza de España with a 360° view of the city from the 27th floor of the Riu Hotel. Cibeles is a rooftop with a view of the Cibeles fountain, a chic and elegant place: ideal for a tender moment with your loved ones or family.


Casa Suecia in the same style as the 360° Rooftop Bar, this terrace of the hotel NH Collection Suecia offers a complete view of the historic center of Madrid, a warm place with refined and modern decoration. 


The parks of the capital are the green lungs of the city, they allow you to recharge your batteries and relax from the urban bustle of the city center.


The parks are historical places and often contain secrets about the city, our selection of parks to visit during your vacation in Madrid: The Retiro Park known for its large area with water points in the middle of the greenery this space is ideal for walks or jogging.


The park El Capricho was built under the orders of the Duchess of Osuna, this park is known for its calm, the Botanical Garden is located very close to the Prado Museum where you can find more than 5000 plant spaces, this park is a real lung of the city. 


Madrid is full of historical heritage, and the museums are the city's most important landmarks. The Prado Museum is the most visited museum in the country and the most important one in Madrid. It houses works of art by Goya, Picasso, and Velasquez, a must-see for art and history lovers. The Queen Sofia Museum is the most important in the city, it houses works of contemporary Spanish art.


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