Travel in Greece: 10 unusual places in Santorini

Santorini is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. This volcanic island is one of the main tourist places in Greece. Magnificent landscapes worthy of a postcard, paradisiacal beaches, small charming villages, hot springs, famous hotels... Discover the 10 unusual places in Santorini, that you must visit during your trip to Greece!

The bay of Ammoudi


Ammoudi Bay is a bay on the Greek island of Santorini. Famous for its excellent restaurants offering seafood dishes, it is also the destination not to be missed by cliff jumpers.

300 are the number of steps you will have to take if you want to visit this bay, whose descent will offer you a unique panorama of Oia and the Aegean Sea. It is also possible to go to the bay of Ammoudi by car.



The island of Santorini remains a tourist place with a lot of people. If you want to go to a quieter place, where there will be more silence but also serenity during your trip to Greece, we strongly recommend Pyrgos!

The highest point of Santorini is located at the top of a hill, this small village is full of charm, and authenticity but also has a very family spirit. Less tourist than Fira or Oia, Pyrgos village offers a breathtaking view of the sea but also pleasant walks in its narrow and paved streets.

Caldera of Santorini


Bounded by the different islands of Santorini, Caldera of Santorini is a bay surrounded by cliffs. Accompanied by its beaches with red rocks, this volcanic island is a tourist godsend for you since it will allow you to do an unusual activity, and that one cannot do every day: a boat trip, but inside a volcano! It is an opportunity to admire the many spectacular landscapes but also, the emblematic Greek monuments which are very often accompanied by a sun.

Visiting the Caldera of Santorini is a good opportunity to stroll on the sandy beaches but also, to enjoy a swim and a snorkeling session in these cool waters of the Mediterranean.

Santorini Red Beach


The red beach of Santorini is one of the most famous, but also most beautiful beaches of Santorini. Very popular with tourists because of its unusual landscape, it fills up quite quickly because of its small size, especially at peak times.

This red beach is worth your detour if you like to admire an original natural setting. Moreover, since it remains a beach, you will be able to enjoy a swim but also another aquatic activity that is likely to interest you: a kayak ride in Santorini. It will also be an opportunity to explore, to discover the ethereal sea caves, and isolated bays while paddling.



Located in the south of the island of Santorini, Akrotiri is an ancient and historically rich village. Red beach, churches, chapel, historical castle, lighthouse... There are many places to visit in this ancient village that has crossed the centuries, one of which is not to be missed and which is located south of the village: the excavation site.


A real little paradise for archaeologists, and lovers of ancient civilization, you will find a good number of stone houses, but also pottery, Minoan toilets, and beautiful frescoes.


The hot springs in Santorini

Located on the tiny uninhabited island of Palea Kameni, the hot springs of Santorini are a relaxing activity that deserves your visit. Supposed to be curative for the skin, but also for the joints, the hot springs have temperatures that vary between 30 and 35°C.


To get there, you must first walk to the volcano of Santorini: you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views of the island. Then, you will only have to take a boat that will allow you to explore the mysterious islands of black lava in the caldera: the hot springs are only accessible by boat.


Nevertheless, don't forget to choose a swimsuit with rather dark colors because the hot springs have a shoreline with rather orange tones, which can have the consequence of a definitive coloring on your swimsuit if it has a too-light color like white!


Finally, with the right bathing suit and after taking the boat trip, you will only have to reach the hot springs of Palea Kameni, known for their therapeutic benefits on the body.

Plateia Theotokopoulou


Plateia Theotokopoulou, one of the places to visit in Santorini, is lined with stores but also with beautiful places for a coffee break, or to taste delicious Greek specialties. This main square, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea, is located in Fira, the largest city of Santorini.

This place is the meeting place, par excellence, for the locals who simply like to meet there to chat, shop at the street market, or sit on a bench to admire the landscape overlooking the caldera. You can also see that this square is surrounded by many stairs, which lead to other neighborhoods.

You would have understood that Plateia Theotokopoulou, a square with a rectangular shape, is a very lively place, especially in high season. Galleries, stores, restaurants... You will not be bored there.

The beach of Eros


The beach of Eros is another unusual place in Santorini! Unusual and breathtaking beauty with its black sand, you can enjoy this beach by doing an activity full of charms: horseback riding.

Calmness, serenity, and rest are the sensations you will feel on the horse with which you ride along one of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini. You will also be able to admire a breathtaking view of the deep ravines of the said volcanic rock, whether you are a beginner or an expert in horseback riding

Cable car from Santorini to Fira


If you decide to visit the largest city of Santorini, Fira its capital, you should not miss an unusual activity but also fun if you like heights: the cable car of Santorini. By taking it, you will enjoy unprecedented proximity to the Caldera cliff.

The cable car ride starts at the port of Fira and ends in the center of the city: it's also an opportunity to take original pictures!


Megalochori, the traditional village of Santorini is far from mass tourism and full of charm. You will be charmed by this village with its labyrinthine streets and steep alleys where eclectic, troglodyte, and neoclassical styles are mixed in the different architectures that Megalochori displays.

You will also be seduced by the splendid hilly setting of the vineyard and the emblematic churches with their blue domes: this village is a great opportunity to capture your best shots.