Jump's suitcase review: 8 points before making your choice


If you're in the market for a new suitcase, you've probably come across the Jump brand. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide if Jump is the right choice for you.

To help you decide, we've put together a list of eight things to consider before buying a Jump suitcase including customer reviews, supply, choice and the benefits of choosing this brand over another.

1. Style - refined and modern

Jump cases are unique with their look that combines the refined look of the top luggage brands, including a sleek look and beautiful finishes that add a real plus to the cases. But also in terms of colors that meet the criteria of current trends: black, gray, red lighter or darker, or camouflage print for soft cases, there is something for everyone.

You will also find a variety of shapes and designs that help create that young and modern image. Jump cases offer a modern style, while remaining elegant.

2. Made in France - quality

A wide choice of materials

At Jump, a point of honor is placed on the quality of the suitcases, in addition to having a choice of many materials. In fact, all our cases are made in France! Here is what you can find in the Jump universe:

ABS: light but also relatively durable. It is also scratch and shock resistant. In addition, ABS is quite flexible, which allows it to expand to accommodate more items without breaking.

Polyester: a durable material and the best value for money. They are also tear resistant and much more space efficient.

Polycarbonate: this is a type of plastic that is both durable and lightweight. They are also less likely to show scratches or wear marks.

Polypropylene: These are very strong cases, yet heavier than other materials. They are also very flexible and last easily over time.

Especially in terms of soft luggage

At Baage, you have a wide selection of soft luggage, ranging from suitcases, to backpacks, but also to rolling travel bags. What's more, these bags are just as modern and aesthetically pleasing as the hard-sided models, which is not the case with other brands where soft-sided models are not popular for their style or beauty!

Here is a beautiful cabin suitcase in camouflage print. It combines the many advantages of soft suitcases (flexibility, space optimization, price) with a very nice and trendy overall aesthetic. When it comes to soft suitcases, we highly recommend Jump for the quality and design of its luggage. But this suitcase has other advantages:

  • 4 double wheels for an impeccable handling
  • 2 carrying handles
  • 2 pairs of double straps, ideal for holding luggage
  • as well as a large external pocket
  • If you're still not sure whether to choose a soft or hard-sided suitcase, you can read our article dedicated to this subject.

3. The different sizes of suitcases

JUMP cabin luggage sizes

There are many sizes of carry-on luggage, which allows you to have flexibility according to your needs, but also according to the airline you choose. This is an important factor to take into account or else you will find yourself outside the size limitations in effect. Here's what you can expect in terms of cabin bag sizes.

The JUMP hard-shell cabin suitcases

  • 55x35x24 cm - 41L
  • 55x40x20 cm - 39L
  • 55x34x22 cm - 34L

JUMP soft cabin cases

  • 48x33x25 cm - 39L
  • 55x20x40 cm - 34L
  • 55x37x20 cm - 33L

The advantage is the choice: as many materials as sizes whether you choose a soft or hard case. Nevertheless, JUMP does not offer XS cabin cases. These suitcases are slightly smaller, but this often makes the difference with airlines, which will accept your luggage in greater numbers. More information on the sizes allowed by airline in our dedicated article.

JUMP checked luggage sizes

JUMP soft suitcases

  • (M) 66x30x43 cm - 72L
  • (M) 68x31x43 cm - 78L
  • (M) 69x43x30 cm - 74L
  • (L) 76x48x34 cm - 105L
  • (L) 78x48x30 cm - 95/107L
JUMP rigid hold luggage
  • (M) 65x43x26 cm - 60L
  • (M) 66x44x30 cm - 62L
  • (M) 67x45x26 cm - 60L
  • (L) 75x50x30 cm - 90L
  • (L) 77x49x30 cm - 95L

For checked luggage, whether medium or large, you'll also have plenty of choice! With expandable suitcases up to 107 liters of capacity.

However, JUMP does not offer pre-made luggage sets. If you want to combine the sizes, you will have to buy them separately.

4. The JUMP expandable suitcase range

JUMP offers a range of expandable cases, both soft and hard, depending on your preferences. If the latter were already spacious and functional in the standard size, JUMP expandable suitcases promise you even more space, which has many advantages!

  • No need to carry a 2nd suitcase, or an extra small bag that can add to your transportation costs
  • expandable cases are perfect for bringing back souvenirs from your travels
  • gain instant space and adjust the suitcase to your different trips
  • more space, while respecting your company's requirements

This beautiful cabin suitcase with the dimensions 55x38x23cm allows you to pass from 37 to 42 liters thanks to its extensible function. On the other hand, its quality material in polypropylene guarantees its resistance and longevity. To facilitate its transport, this suitcase is equipped with 4 double wheels and an adjustable telescopic handle.

Inside, two distinct compartments are delimited by a light net, and are protected by 2 pairs of double straps that guarantee the security of your belongings.

5. Jump suitcase opinion : the quality price ratio

Here is a summary of the prices charged for the JUMP brand:

JUMP cabin suitcase

  • The price range varies between 135 € and 210 €.

JUMP medium suitcase

  • The price range varies between 155 and 215 €.

JUMP large suitcase

  • Price range is between 195 and 229 €.

Cheap JUMP suitcases: soft or hard cases?

JUMP soft cases price

  • The price range varies between 165 and 229 €.

JUMP hard cases price

  • The price range varies between 135 and 219 €.

The prices are therefore equivalent whether it is a soft or hard case. Moreover, the price difference is relatively small between the different cases. Jump is a very qualitative brand that seeks first and foremost to provide quality luggage to their customers, which justifies these prices.

Good technical features for good value for money

All the technical features present on the suitcases make them a very good value brand to turn to for a purchase that lasts over time.

  • the 4 double wheels that allow you to transport your suitcase without effort
  • expandable suitcases
  • different quality materials
  • pairs of straps in the suitcases (one pair or two pairs depending on the model)
  • one or two carrying handles
  • TSA padlock on some models: not only do these 3-digit padlocks ensure the security of your suitcase, but they are also compliant with U.S. customs standards

Jump travel bags for great deals

It's always possible to get great deals and discounted prices at JUMP! Cheap travel bags, cheap JUMP backpacks, discover the best deals on our site Baage.

6. Suitcase Jump opinion: Baage recommendations by size

TANOMA Expandable Hard Carrying Case

    Cabin Luggage Extensible Tanoma 55cm

  • an expandable suitcase, ideal for storing everything in a small cabin suitcase without having to add an extra bag
  • a polypropylene suitcase which offers a very good resistance and does not fear shocks and deformations
  • dimensions: 55x35x24 cm for 41L of capacity and only 2.5kg
  • 4 practical and functional double wheels
  • a TSA padlock ideal for all your travels in North America
  • 4 pairs of double straps to maintain your belongings without wrinkling them
  • a trendy and fashionable design with beautiful lines that add pep to the case
  • trendy colors
  • 2 carrying handles
  • TSA padlock
  • 4 double wheels
  • a solid and durable polypropylene composition
  • a well thought out interior with both a pair of crossed straps and a large closed space to place underwear or any object to be totally isolated from the main space
  • all this for a very good price!

The UPPSALA large format expandable suitcase

  • a very good price
  • a suitcase offering you a maximum of space: up to 107L with its expandable function
  • numerous compartments for organizing your personal belongings: a large main compartment with a pair of straps at the bottom of the case, a large zipped pocket and a large pocket on the outside. Plus, with the flexibility of soft cases, you can easily organize your case to suit your needs

4 double multidirectional wheels

  • enjoy the benefits of soft cases
  • a simple and chic design, which is sometimes missing in hard cases

7. Our customers' verdict on Jump cases

  • "Lightweight case, good interior finish, confirms to the description" Agnes P. - TENALI ultra light hard case
  • "Perfect and very nice look" Nadia W. - Cabin suitcase NICE collection

8. Jump suitcases: for which profile?

JUMP suitcases are for novice travelers as well as regulars who want to make a good long-term investment in a suitcase that is both aesthetically pleasing and high quality. Whether you prefer a soft or hard-sided case, there are many models to choose from.

It is also a good option for those who are looking for a practical suitcase (double wheels, carrying handles) or who frequently travel abroad, especially to the United States (TSA padlock).