Delsey vs Samsonite: how to choose?


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Delsey or Samsonite? These two top luggage brands are among the most popular on the market. Both offer a wide range of products, from handbags to large suitcases.

Nevertheless, we are all different and have our own tastes and desires. So how do you choose between Samsonite or Delsey? To help you make a decision, here is a review of Delsey and Samsonite suitcase.

Delsey vs Samsonite : two different brand philosophies

Delsey vs Samsonite : The Samsonite brand: over 100 years of innovation for travelers

Samsonite is a luggage company that was founded in 1910. The company has a long history of manufacturing high quality products designed to last, made in Hungary and Belgium.

Samsonite's flagship product is its line of hard-sided cases. These cases are made from durable materials and have a variety of innovative features, such as recessed handles and airtight zippers. Samsonite wants to push the boundaries of your travel again and again, with its family values and integrity.

Delsey vs Samsonite : The Delsey brand: French know-how

Delsey, one of the best luggage brand, is the first brand to offer hard-shell luggage to its travelers. Founded in 1946, the company's products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Delsey has won numerous awards for its innovative designs, in addition to its commitments to more environmentally friendly luggage, as well as numerous gender efforts.

The icing on the cake, ''the French touch''. Delsey suitcases embody French elegance. They are classy, uncluttered, and will seduce you through the different designs available. DESLEY X ROLLAND GARROS is a perfect example of the brand's Parisian positioning. The brand was inspired by all the glamour and chic of the competition to offer a refined and sporty line of luggage.

Delsey vs Samsonite : what are the sizes and accessories of each brand

Delsey: the comfort of 4 dual wheels on some models

At Delsey, one of the most popular luggage brands, there is a suitcase for every taste. Soft or hard, 2 wheels, 4 wheels or 4 double wheels. This last option offers a lot of comfort. You will enjoy a handy and functional suitcase that will follow your every step.

carry on luggage range from 55cm to 57.5cm in length. Hold luggage ranges from 56cm to 82cm. There are first of all the medium size suitcases which go from 56 to 72cm in length, then the large size which go from 73 to 82 cm.


There are several options in terms of suitcase materials:

  • Delsey cases made of polycarbonate: a material that does not scratch and is often more durable than ABS

  • Delsey cases made of polypropylene: heavier, but has the advantage of being more ecological, offers interesting designs and is resistant

The airlines set their own size limits for carry on and checked luggage. It is thus necessary to study with attention the restrictions of the airline companies before choosing its suitcase. The brand offers a wide range of suitcases adapted to the different standards of airlines, especially in terms of Delsey cabin suitcases.

Thus, the brand offers models adapted to all the most popular companies such as AirFrance, Transavia, Vueling, Ryanair and Lufthansa.

And that's not all. Delsey offers a wide range of bags to suit all your needs.

  • school backpacks

  • computer backpacks

  • computer bags

  • travel bags

  • duffel bags

  • clutches - small bags that are worn on the shoulder

Everyone will find something to suit their needs. The bags are made of polyester, a material that is resistant to use and easy to wash. On the Delsey website, you can find some very interesting exclusivities such as the SECURFLAP bag which offers a practical and secure opening and closing system, or the SECURSTYLE bag which is super elegant and offers secure closing systems!

For accessories, Delsey offers beautiful toiletry bags with a nice slightly rounded shape or more classic. On their website, you can find padlocks, garment covers, ergonomic travel pillows, and even luggage straps. In short, Delsey has all the little accessories to make your trip easier.

Samsonite: an impressive choice of suitcase sizes

Samsonite hard cases come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them perfect for any type of travel. You'll find soft, hard or hard/aluminum materials. The suitcases have 2 or 4 wheels only, there are no dual 4-wheel cases. Nevertheless, you will enjoy an impressive choice of sizes.


In terms of materials, Samsonite cases are also made of polycarbonate and polypropylene.

In addition to its suitcases, Samsonite also produces a range of travel accessories.

  • backpacks

  • travel bags

  • laptop bags

  • umbrella

  • adapters

  • banana bags

  • shoulder bags

  • sports bags

  • handbags

  • pilot cases - rolling work bag designed to carry a computer

For busy professionals, Samsonite has just launched its new PRO-DLX 5 range. Designed with the best materials, you will have the choice of many computer bags, computer cases, but also wallets and key rings. Available on the brand's website.

Samsonite luggage and suitcases for children

"You're never too young to travel." We told you, Samsonite, one of the most popular luggage brands is based on family values. That's why Samsonite is the leader in the children's luggage market. The range inspired by the Disney universe is available on the brand's website. You will find a wide range of backpacks, satchels, bags with childish colors so that they can go on an adventure! Many characters are available according to your child's taste: Donald Duck, the Queen of the Snows, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse...

You'll find backpacks for kids ages 3 to 5, but also 6 to 12 and even school bag sets to match school kits. Samsonite also offers travel sets for children. The suitcases are 46 or 45 cm long with a weight suitable for a child. The suitcase is accompanied by a small backpack size S. In short, if you have to choose suitcases or accessories for your children, Samsonite has everything you need to make them smile!

Delsey vs Samsonite : Best prices at Delsey, best discounts at Samsonite

Delsey: opportunities to find suitcases for all prices

If Delsey offers high-end suitcases, you will still be able to find very interesting prices because the brand has a very large offer of suitcases. It will be easy for you to find your happiness at the price that suits you.

In addition, you can benefit from many advantages:

  • -15% off student offer (Delsey site)

  • -10% off with the newsletter (Delsey website)

  • free delivery from 99 euros and free return (Delsey website)

  • sales on regular Delsey cases (DELSEY DAYS)

Where to find cheap Delsey luggage?

To find Delsey luggage at great prices, visit our Baage website. We offer the best prices on Delsey luggage all year round.

Cabin Luggage PLANINA 55 cm

Here is a summary of the prices available on Baage for the Delsey brand:

  • carry on suitcase Delsey

The price range is from 139 € to 349 €.

  • Delsey suitcase size

The price range is between 169 and 399 €.

The price range is between 179 and 229 €.

Samsonite: interesting offers for suitcase sets

The best prices on cabin luggage, medium and large size are on our site Baage. We offer the best prices for the brand Samsonite all year round.

Medium Suitcase 69cm S'CURE SPINNER

Nevertheless, the brand offers very interesting deals on its website to form suitcase sets. This can be very convenient for long trips, and you save money! For the purchase of a second suitcase, you get 10%, and for the purchase of 3 suitcases, 15%! Moreover, you have the freedom to make your set as you wish and that's a real advantage.

Here is a summary of the prices available on Baage for the brand Samsonite :

  • carry on suitcase Samsonite

The price range is from 199 to 429 €.

  • Samsonite medium suitcase

The price range varies between 209 and 274 €.

  • Large suitcase (L) Samsonite

Expect a price of 355 €.

For more large sizes, you can find the following prices on the Samsonite website:

  • Suitcase XL Samsonite

The price range is between 209 and 649 €.

  • Suitcase XXL Samsonite

Expect a price of 529 €.

Delsey vs Samsonite : Suitcase features: wide choice for both brands

Delsey: The king of innovations

The SECURITECH ZIP is a patented innovation invented by Delsey. Your little zipper is 3 times more resistant than the average suitcase. The risks of intrusion are therefore very minimal. In addition, you already have code locks on all of our suitcases, so you can travel with peace of mind. In terms of security, Delsey is definitely a great choice on the market.

Delsey offers expandable suitcases. It's a small detail that can be a big help when you come back from vacation with more stuff than you took with you when you left. You won't have to worry about closing your suitcase! You'll simply have to use the extender on the models concerned to benefit from additional storage volume. Practical, isn't it?

Some Delsey backpacks and computer bags have an RFID (radio frequency identification) data protection option. This is designed to protect the data on your electronic devices (computer, tablet) from being captured by malicious individuals. While everyone should protect themselves against these threats, people who travel on business or have highly confidential data should carefully consider this option.