Best airplane seat: which location to choose?


Before arriving at the stage of booking a plane ticket, to go to such or such destination, there are still some questions that come to mind such as if we want to add suitcases in the offer, if we intend to take additional options to make our flight more comfortable ...

But booking your flight also means thinking about the best place for your seat because you want to be comfortable during the whole flight, which is normal.

But, what is this best place in the plane? This is what you will discover in this article, which will put forward some small tricks but also essential information to well direct your choice of the seat in the cabin.

Choose the front of the plane

There's a lot of speculation about where to sit, but no matter what you hear, one thing is certain: the best seats are always in the front of the plane. This already explains why the most expensive, but also the best seats are located there.

But why is the best seat in the plane in the front? Well, it's simply because of the noise caused by the engines. The further forward you are, the less you hear them, so the further back you are, the more noise you hear from them, which quickly becomes unpleasant.

No matter what airline class you are traveling in, always choose the seat that is more towards the front of the plane!

The higher your air class, the better your seat will be

As everyone knows, the comfort and service level improves according to the class of the aircraft. There is the economy class, the premium class, the business class and of course the well known first class.

No matter in which plane you intend to travel, the principle of the best seat in a plane is based on the same logic where the higher and more expensive your class is, the more comfortable you will be: we are talking about comfort in terms of seats, available leg space, customer service, increasingly silent cabin...

The best seat will obviously be in the first class!

Airline seat plan: use SEATGURU

Even though it is often assumed that in order to have more comfort, you have to spend more money and turn to the air class with a high standard, you still have the possibility to get a better seat in the plane even in economy class!

"seat plane number", "seat plane", "seat plane"... Many questions revolve around the seats in the plane. We know very well that first class is not for everyone, and you are going to discover the little trick to find the nugget in terms of location in the plane so that you are as comfortable as possible.

To do this, you will have to use the site in the name of SEATGURU and have some information related to your trip but also to your plane.

The tutorial for using SEATFGURU and finding the best seat on the plane

First of all, make sure you have the following information written down somewhere: the airline, the date of your flight and the number of your plane. Once the information is collected, enter it in the 3 fields like this:

Then click on the "view map" button. This action will allow you to have an overall view of the interior of the aircraft and how the seats are arranged.

Then, a visual will appear showing you the seats, some of which are even color coded: you also have the possibility to have more information on these seats by hovering your mouse over them.

For the small good point, if ever you can't find a green seat which is the best seat in an airplane in economy class, you can fall back on the orange seats which have a small color frame.

These seats, close to the exit door, have a little more legroom: nevertheless, you are likely to pay extra when booking this type of seat.

Good seat, the best seat on the plane

In this other case, it's a Boeing 777-200ER (772) plane. As you can see, in the economy class, there are several seats with a green color.

These are the best ones and they are the ones you must book if you want to get the best seat in the plane and have a much more comfortable trip: of course, there is a very high probability that you will pay a higher price for your seat than the others present.

Can I choose my seat on the plane?

In most cases, it is possible to choose your seat on an airplane when you book your ticket for the flight you are traveling on. However, there is no guarantee that such an option, as opposed to choosing your seat, is free.

Many airlines will ask you to pay an additional fee in order to freely choose your seat. In the event that you do not wish to pay, your seat will be imposed.

If you would like to learn more about choosing the right seat in an airplane, do not hesitate to watch the following video: it will give you useful and educational information!

What about the best seat on a long-haul plane?

If your trip is going to be on a long-haul plane, it is obviously important to know which is the best and most comfortable seat so that you can travel with peace of mind. We recommend, as mentioned above, that you choose the seats at the front of a long-haul plane.

If you decide to sit in the back of a long-haul aircraft, you will be exposed to the following inconveniences

The constant coming and going of passengers because the toilets are close to your seat location.

The impossibility of tilting your seat backwards, which causes additional discomfort during the long trip.

The noise caused by the engines, which will be much more important than if you were in the front of the plane.

Best seat in the plane in case of a crash: which one is it?

Although it is not a desirable situation, many people ask themselves this question, regarding the best and "safest" seat in case of a plane crash. At the moment, there are no statistics on the subject that could provide an answer.

However, if we look at the most frequent plane crashes, in a context where the plane hits an obstacle or the ground, the seats that are located at the back of the plane are the least vulnerable.

Indeed, in such an accident, the front part of the plane will suffer the greatest force of the crash, which leads to a much more devastating effect in this area, including the cockpit and the cabin (from the beginning to the middle and the end).

A perfect example, Japan Airlines Flight 123

1985 was the year of one of the deadliest air crashes ever known and the tragic story of Flight 123. Of the 524 passengers on board this Boeing 747, the 4 remaining survivors were seated at the rear of the plane.

Find the best seat on an airplane, depending on the manufacturer and the family

Finding the right seat on an airplane also depends on a particular airplane model. If you're looking for:

"best seat boeing 777 plane":

"best seat a320 plane" ;

"best seat a350-900" ;

"best seat in a330 300 aircraft" ;

"best seat in a 777 300er plane" ;

"best seat in a boeing 777 plane" ;

"best seat in an airbus a330 aircraft" ;

"best seat in a boeing 737 aircraft" ;

"best seat on an airbus a320" ;

"best seat in a330 200 aircraft" ;

"best seat in an airbus a319 aircraft" ;

"best seat in a plane boeing plane"... 

Or even any other model, plane number, we advise you to prefer the front of the plane (the location will be better if you go in business class, first) or then the front of the middle of the plane, for economy classes.

The essential to remember

"airplane seat", "best airplane seat", "best seat in a plane"... As you have seen, finding the best seat in the plane is not impossible and not super expensive, inaccessible since you just need to have the right information:

You must favour the seats located as far forward as possible in the plane, whatever your air class

Take into account that the best seat (with comfort, very good personalized on-board service) depends on the status of your airline class with which you intend to travel

Do not hesitate to consult the SEATGURU website, in order to have an overview of the available seats and those that are the most interesting to book, whether you are traveling alone or accompanied.

From now on, you have all the essential information and we hope that you will find the best seat in the plane to travel with serenity!